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Growing up in a small community and with the amazing qualities of my mother, I looked inward to draw on my own values of integrity, compassion and my desire to be of service to others. My life's journey followed my values and all that I hold true to my heart. I am dedicated to serving others and helping them find peace in their mind, heart, and spirit.

I had a long history of being a teacher, coach and counselor. My desire has been to see individuals find their purpose, to live life by their values, and to be true to themselves and their inner best. With each step in my life, my compassion for others became stronger and more evolved. I walked beside the lives of students and athletes as an educator, the injured and sick as an EMT, and war heroes during my life changing experiences in Vietnam.

Today my heart is open to the sick and dying in the hospital and the stressful times of their families as a Palliative Care Counselor. Each day I am challenged to dig deep and be open to hear their aching hearts. I am present to each one with support and an open heart. I listen and trust my wisdom to know when to speak.

My purpose is to help others find peace and wholeness no matter what their journey may be. This is possible with the intuitive, healing power of horses as my coaching partners.

My own life has had many struggles and heartaches which took grieving, determination, and healing of my body, mind, and spirit to be where I am today. Through the TBAH Equine Gestalt Coaching 2 year certification program, I have grown to feel more wholeness and spiritual fulfillment in my daily life.

My wonderful healing partners

Spirit Spirit
10 year-old Tennessee Walking Horse, with a gentle, intuitive spirit. His eyes embrace your soul.
starfire Starfire
10-year-old Kentucky Mountain Horse, playful to the point of annoying the other horses. More like a spitfire. Gentle, loving and connected to humans.
joe Little Grey Joe
22-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse. His journey involves the past six years with cancer. Joe is the talker and leader. He never passes up an opportunity to have something to say. He is first to the groceries and the last to leave. He has a big heart and an old gentle soul.
15-year-old Chihuahua who keeps everyone in line.

In Memory...

Sundance Sundance
18-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse, orphaned at two months, but grew to be a great athlete. He enjoys his mountain trips and his heart and healing connection with people.
moon Moon
25-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse. He was adopted four years ago when his human partner went to heaven. He can still run like the wind and loves his special meals. His eyes speak his truth.
Horses and Humans
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Gail Hager
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