Gail is supportive, steady, and nurturing. Her ability to ask the right questions and easily root out the emotional work to be done was reassuring and effective. The coach/client relationship is safe, kind, and effective. Gail stays connected and present throughout the session. 

-Chris C., CO

Gail is a highly skilled coach that brings authenticity, compassion and great insight to her clients. I highly recommend her coaching services.

 –Carolyn S., Havre, MT

Gail brings a solid, gentle energy to her coaching that allows the client to move through their work in a safe, calm space.

–Tina W. Charlottesville, VA

Gail creates a very safe environment for the client. She is rock solid as a coach and holds a sacred space for anything to be spoken about. Her energy is grounding and welcoming.

 – Erin, Longmont, CO

Gail’s compassionate style made me feel safe enough to open my heart and heal some old wounds.

 –Jen W, Denver, CO

Gail is a very sweet, intuitive coach. She is a natural healer.

– Margaret C., Central, SC

Gail has a deep wisdom and presence. She is kind, funny, compassionate and direct. She knows how to help you find your course to healing.

 –Brigid, Seattle, WA

I loved Gail’s quiet strength. I felt safe and protected. I knew something was wrong inside myself but couldn’t figure out what it was. Gail helped me find the anger that I was holding and to release it! Thank God, what a relief!

 – Julia M., Longmont, CO

“Listen to your dreams – those are the sounds no one else can hear.”  

-Kobi Yamada

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Gail Hager
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