Why Do EGCM?

Each person has a choice to stay stuck in the emotions around a particular struggle in life or to look for the opportunity to grow from it and be free of the barriers the issue is building. The barriers block sacred moments in our life. Openness and willingness create new opportunities. The horses and coach can break down barriers and free the spirit.

Choose to discover the energy and gifts within yourself through this safe and creative experience with horses. Empower yourself to be free from any obstacle in your life that is robbing you of joy, peace, and fulfillment.

  • Clear past influences or road blocks

  • Freedom from barriers to joy, peace, happiness, and life’s purpose

  • Personal growth

  • Empowerment

  • Authenticity

  • Healing of wounds and grief issues

  • Wholeness, sense of completeness

  • Complete release of energy and emotional blocks or pain

  • Lasting changes in your life

  • Healing from traumatic events

  • Fulfillment in living and growing

As an Equine Gestalt Coach along with my horse partners, I work with Veterans and others with traumatic issues and those with compassion fatigue. Some areas of focus are re-entry, grief and loss, trauma issues, self-care, regaining purpose, and peace of body, mind and spirit. All individuals are welcome if you want to heal old wounds and feel a sense of wholeness.

Horses and Humans
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Gail Hager
Great Falls, Montana